The voice of our customer – FareHarbor


Occasionally, we conduct a small interview with one of our clients. This, to show transparency as a training agency and to keep us – as trainers – on our toes and looking at our clients’ needs. This time, it is FareHarbor who was kind enough to participate in this interview.


1) What (type of) organization do you work for and how is it to have a Works Council in a company with so many nationalities?

I am the HRBP for FareHarbor, a booking management software company that is part of the Booking Holdings group, specializing in the travel and entertainment industry. With a global presence spanning three continents and over 900 employees, our organization boasts a remarkably diverse workforce. Since our acquisition by Booking six years ago, the company’s headquarters relocated to Amsterdam.

The presence of a diverse Works Council has proven to be both challenging and profoundly fascinating. It injects a multitude of unique perspectives and experiences into our discussions. This diversity presents both challenges and advantages. For instance, our emphasis on cultural sensitivity within the FareHarbor Works Council is highly regarded and appreciated by our entire workforce. However, when it comes to navigating the legal frameworks of different countries, educating the council members and making topics relatable can be a challenge at times. Nevertheless, our exceptionally understanding and cooperative group has turned these interactions into engaging learning experiences. Moreover, our board, or “Bestuur,” also has an international composition, which can potentially be beneficial for the Works Council.

2) How did joining the WoCo training as HR department affect the collaboration?

Joining the Works Council (WoCo) training program as HR has had an overwhelmingly positive impact on collaboration. Marc, our facilitator, possesses a remarkable ability to create an atmosphere of ease. He sets the right tone that fosters productive and engaging collaboration. HR’s involvement has proven invaluable in disseminating information to various parts of the business and developing both short-term and long-term solutions.

3) What would you recommend to other (international) companies?

I would highly recommend international companies to place their trust in TRAINIAC and its experienced facilitators. Maintaining professionalism, collaboration, and honesty in your interactions with TRAINIAC and your own Works Council is the key to success. Regular training sessions and check-ins will continuously nurture a culture of productivity and learning within your organization.


Marc Kuipers, TRAINIAC vs. Claudia Miranda, HRBP FareHarbor


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