Working Conditions: Health and safety policy (ARBO/VGWM)

Duration: 1 day

Working conditions directly influences employees health and thereby their productivity. For that reason, it is clear why the health and safety (ARBO) policy is one of most important subjects for a Works Council (WoCo). The Dutch government is stimulating organizations in various ways to give as much attention as possible to this subject. So employees and thereby organizations will stay healthy physically, mentally and economically. What role do you have here as WoCo? And how can you influence this policy?  In this one-day course you will focus on the role of the WoCo (committee) in this subject. And how you can contribute to attaining a (more) healthy organization.

Content training Working conditions: Health and safety policy (ARBO/VGWM)

This course focuses on the legislation regarding working conditions, health and safety and how to put this into practice in your organization. This entails the role of the Works Council/committee in the Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E), its plan of action and other topics from the ‘ARBO’ policy like communication with the health care provider.

The RI&E is the hart of the company’s Health and safety policy. In this course is focused on how you can contribute as a Works Council on making sure the RI&E fits your organizations daily practice, and how you can avoid that it ends up being just an obligatory piece of paper.

Knowledge of legislation and knowing how to put it into practice is essential for the success of your WoCo or committee. This course will contribute to your professionality and quality of work in this matter. You will able to improve your company’s policy on working conditions and benefit from its results in the coming years.

After the training Working conditions: Health and safety policy (ARBO/VGWM)

  • As WoCo, you have knowledge of legislation and regulations regarding health and safety and the company’s working conditions;
  • You know the role of the WoCo in determining policies and stimulating tasks;
  • You have knowledge of the Risk Inventory and Evaluation (RI&E) and its plan of action;
  • As WoCo, you are able to make a well thought decision on an endorsement request;
  • You are able to communicate about this subject with employees.


The training helped a lot to push motivation and excitement again in the whole group after such a long time of remote connection. Next to the well-delivered content of the training, it is the biggest benefit that the team becomes more engaged and interactive.
Martin Hanke
OR-member KraftHeinz