Teambuilding by using DISC

Duration: 1/2 day of 1 day

For the success of a Works Council it is crucial that members know how to work together as a team. In order to do so, it helps to know the qualities of each member and how to best put those qualities into use. Who is a natural researcher? And who likes to take the lead in a project? Why do people react differently to change? This training of a half or one day training, gives you insights on members personalities through using the DISC-model. You will learn to work with qualities and differences and become a closer, well-functioning team.

Course content Teambuilding by using DISC

Theory of DISC

In this interactive training, by using DISC, you will learn to recognize the characteristics that go with the different DISC profiles. The theory of DISC will explain the differences between people and focus on their qualities. It gives insight on why some people like change and a fast-changing environment where others like it more quietly and care more for a good atmosphere in the team.

A strong WoCo team

Based on the outcomes of the DISC analyses, Ih you will fill-out beforehand, you will learn more about your team-members and your own personality and qualities. You will get a better understanding of each other’s differences and how to best communicate together. By doing multiple exercises you get to see the qualities that go with each profile and learn to appreciate the differences. This will result in a better cooperating and stronger team. Besides, DISC can be used to gain insight into communication with others, for example the director

After the training Teambuilding by using DISC:

  • The WoCo members are aware of the qualities and differences of each member;
  • As a team you know how to improve communicate amongst each other;
  • You are able to deal with tasks in a more effective and efficient manner;
  • The WoCo has a better understanding of the director and knows better how to communicate.


The training helped a lot to push motivation and excitement again in the whole group after such a long time of remote connection. Next to the well-delivered content of the training, it is the biggest benefit that the team becomes more engaged and interactive.
Martin Hanke
OR-member KraftHeinz