Start-up training for the Works Council

Duration: 2 days

At the start of the term, the elected Works Council (WoCo) is full of ideas and energy. The members want to make their contribution to the organization and make a difference for their colleagues. But what can you do as a member of the WoCo? What rights and obligations are mentioned in the Works Council Act (WCA)? And what other aspects are important for a successful way of working? In this two-day training for the works council you will learn the important topics from the WCA and how to bring this knowledge into practice within your own organization. Besides, you will arrange your way of working and develop a communication plan.

Day 1: Works Council Act (WCA)

The first day of this course is focused on the WCA and the rights and obligations this brings for the Works Council (WoCo). The law is explained in an open and interactive way. You get a clear perspective of the legislation and regulations concerning the WoCo. Besides the theoretical aspect, you will learn how to bring this into practice within your own organization. This will prepare you as a team for an active and contributing role within the organization.


  • Objective and tasks of the Works Council;
  • Facilities of the Works Council;
  • Right to information;
  • Right to render advice and right to appeal;
  • Right to endorse

Day 2: Cooperation within the WoCo

Good cooperation and clear agreements are essential conditions for a successful working method of the WoCo. In an interactive way the base of the WoCo is shaped by discussing your way of working as a team. This entails the division of roles and a common understanding on meeting basics. The goal is to divide the roles and tasks in such a way that each member can make optimal use of their own qualities. All members know exactly what is expected of them and what they can expect from others. It is possible to combine this part of the training with personality analysis of DISC.

Communication with colleagues

The WoCo is a representative body within the organization and it is essential to have a good relationship with colleagues whom you represent. As a WoCo you aim for engagement and support. In this course you will make a communication plan to make sure that you know how to inform and consult the colleagues within the entire organization. This entails the content of communication and the use of branding materials. The goal is to give yourself as WoCo a clear position within the organization

After this two-day course start-up training for the Works Council:

  • As WoCo you will know and understand the important topics from the WCA;
  • You know how to put your knowledge of the WCA into practice;
  • You have made clear agreements on working together and the division of roles amongst each other;
  • You have made a communication plan to get colleagues involved with the WoCo.


“Marc is an amazing trainer and we are so happy that we chose him for a consecutive year as the trainer for our newly elected works council. The online training went super smoothly and very easily as if it was in person. “
Albert Hristov:
OR-lid IBM