Effective meeting and communication techniques (with the director)

Duration: 1 day

The formal meeting between Works Council (WoCo) and director is one of most important moments in the work of the WoCo. This meeting can be used to do proposals, discuss advice- and endorsement requests and share input from the employees. But how do you prepare this meeting? And how do you make sure the message is received correctly? This 1-day training Effective meeting and communication techniques helps Works Councils with just that. You will learn how to bring your message across and to focus on your goals. By combining theory with practice, you will be well prepared for the next meeting.

Effective and efficient communication

During this day the Works Council (WoCo) will learn all there is to know about how to make the meeting with the director more effective and efficient. The trainer will explain the theory on effective communication, how to structure the meeting and how to present yourselves. You learn to set ‘SMART’ goals and ask the right questions. This will result in a well thought preparation routine for topics on the agenda.

Put theory into practice

During the second part of the day a training actor will be present who takes on the role of the director. As WoCo you will use current topics from the organization and bring theory into practice. In this way you directly experience how the new techniques will help you to have a more effective meeting and achieve your goal.

Optional with this course

The trainer will visit the organization to join a formal meeting with the director. You will prepare the meeting together with the trainer and afterwards the trainer is able to give you feedback and tips in a coaching session. This enables you to bring the new knowledge into practice even more

After the training Effective meeting and communication techniques:

  • You are capable to effectively prepare a meeting;
  • You know which communication techniques can be used;
  • The WoCo will have more effective meetings in which its goals are reached easier.

The training helped a lot to push motivation and excitement again in the whole group after such a long time of remote connection. Next to the well-delivered content of the training, it is the biggest benefit that the team becomes more engaged and interactive.
Martin Hanke
OR-member KraftHeinz