Effective cooperation with the Works Council for board members, management and HR

Duration: 3-4 hours

Having a Works Council can be of great added value to your organization as long as you have a good mutual relationship and cooperation. What is the best way to work together and still make adequate decisions? And how do you make use of the added value of the Works Council? This is the training Effective cooperation with the Works Council for board members, management and HR. In three to four hours you will learn what is needed to effectively cooperate with the Works Council and benefit from its added value.


This training session is focused on Works Council Act and the right and obligations this brings for the Works Council (WoCo) and the organization. The law is explained in an interactive way, and, more importantly, we will focus on the way you bring this into practice. You get a clear perspective of the legislation and how this influences your decision-making process. With the trainer you will discuss the impact the legislation has on your day-to-day management and how you can work together with the WoCo in an optimal way. Also you will learn what a WoCo needs from you in order to do their job. And how to be of added value to the company. You will learn the procedures regarding the WoCo’s right to render advice and endorse.


  • Objective and tasks of the Works Council
  • Right to information
  • What a Works Council needs to be of added value (?)
  • Right to render advice & appeal
  • Right to Endorse

The results:

  • You will know and understand the (most) important topics from the Works Council Act;
  • You will know when and how to inform the Works Council
  • You will know how and when to involve the Works Council in the decision-making process;
  • You will know how to increase the added value of having a Works Council.

“Marc is an amazing trainer and we are so happy that we chose him for a consecutive year as the trainer for our newly elected works council. The online training went super smoothly and very easily as if it was in person. “
Albert Hristov:
OR-lid IBM